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Styling & Staging

This Little Love of Mine was created from my passion for organising, decluttering and staging spaces. Your home should be a place that is organised, aesthetically pleasing and functional. We all find this hard to manage as life is busy, but that's where I come in.

To guide, help, organise and declutter the tricky spaces in your home that often get overlooked. I am a big believer in creating lasting change, helping reduce stress and creating great habits.

Here are the services I offer:

- Staging & preparing homes for the market
- Organising & declusttering spaces within your home such as a home office, pantries, linen cupboards and play spaces for children.
- Sorting & packing alongside family to manage the contents and posessions for elderly transitioning into care facilities.
- Guidance on soft furnishings to elevate your home.

I offer pricing to suit all budgets.



Thanks to Ash's attention to detail and styling skills we felt so much more confident going t market. I highly recommend Ash to anyone looking for a talented, proactive, and incredibly helpful staging professional. She had an exceptional eye for switching things up and moving things, while making the most of our furniture.

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